Since 2005, CAC has been a family collective and safe haven. Feeling at home is one of the many reasons our patients continue to return, recommending new patients along the way. CAC is a pre-ICO collective that will remain open with Prop D. We are the oldest legal collective in Los Angeles!

Our goal has always been to provide a safe, caring and quiet collective for our patients. We strive to provide the highest quality and safest alternatives to their pharmaceuticals, which often have dangerous side effects.

Our selection of strains includes kushes, pure sativas, pure indicas, hybrids, and volunteers that know the difference, in both flower and smokeless vaporizer forms. Our large selection of edibles includes vegan, sugar free, and gluten free options.

In addition to our regular selection, we have special Cannabis Cup-winning strains grown from seeds brought to the US from Amsterdam. These strains are pure and have not been crossed with anything else. We are the only collective to cultivate these special strains, right from the source.

Our aim is to educate our patients about the different effects of our medicine and which will suit their individual needs.