We are open for all Recreational Adult Use and Medical Marijuana Sales.

Come visit The Oldest Collective in the city of Los Angeles for Organic, Pesticide free flowers and get expert advice from our knowledgeable professional Budtenders!  

122 S. Lincoln Blvd., Suite 204, Venice, CA 90291 (424)744-8507 M-Sat 10 AM - 8 PM, Sun 10 AM - 7 PM


We strive here at California Alternative Caregivers to give the best possible experience by providing not only a top quality medicine selection, but having the knowledge to go behind it. Our staff has been in the medical marijuana industry for years. They are here to have a friendly conversation with you about what ailment you are trying to find relief for and are happy to help guide you to the answers you have been looking for along with the right medicine for you.

Owner, scientist, and entrepreneur Carl Clines then takes his dedication to providing his patients with unique and effective strains to the next level by making bi-annual trips to Spain to acquire the best seeds in the world. He then distributes them to the same trusted growers he has been working with for 12 years. They plant the seeds in the fertile grounds of California combining two powerful forces to produce these one of a kind, powerful strains you will not find at any other dispensary!

Safe Medicine

All of our medicine is tested by a reputable third party for potency (THC, CBD, and CBN) as well as purity (mold and pesticides). Our top priority is making sure that our medicine is safe for consumption by all of our patients.

Test Results

Knowledgeable Staff

Our volunteers know how to interpret test results to best educate and suggest medicine to our patients. We keep up on current medical marijuana laws at both the state and city levels so we can provide the best service while staying in compliance.

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Prop D Compliant

Open and licensed since 2005, California Alternative Caregivers is fully Prop D and pre-ICO compliant. This ensures that our collective will remain in operation for many years to come.

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